Vegas Paradise Casino App

Vegas Paradise Casino App – Review & Rating First off, the good news is that the Vegas Paradise casino app is one of the absolute best casino apps I’ve ever played. You can play exciting casino games for free or for real money. Now here is where it gets a little tricky; you can only […]

Jetsetter App for iPhone Review

If you’re a regular traveler, Jetsetter App for iPhone might just come handy. It provides insider access to the world’s greatest hotels, vacation homes and tour packages. You’ll also find some great discounts offered by hotels around the globe. You can get Jetsetter Hotels and Last Minute Travel Deals iPhone app for free from iTunes […]

CoverMe App for iPhone Review

Internet is a treasure trove of information. But it also brings with it security issues that most users are conveniently oblivious about. In a sense, most of us prefer the convenience of speed and ease of access over security precautions. But with CoverMe app for iPhone, you’ll be more in control of the proceedings. You […]

Camera Awesome App for iPhone Review

You could find plenty of apps providing cool filters in App Store. But there are not many that let you take sharp pictures. But Camera Awesome app for iPhone brings the best of both worlds: lots of fun filters to play with alongside a number of tools to better compose and develop your images. Camera […]

Bout Photo Game App for iPhone Review

The best for artistic expression that anyone could do well in an iPhone is photography, thanks to the device’s decent enough camera hardware. If you love taking photos of your friends/family, you should try out Bout Photo Game app for iPhone. It let you feel artistic as well as social at the same time. You […]

Current Caller ID App for Android Review

Caller ID app’s usually display the contact name of an incoming caller. But Current Caller ID app for Android goes a step further by listing the socially-relevant info as well alongside the identity of the caller. You can get Current Caller ID Android app for free from Google Play Store. Current Caller ID App Features […]

Apps by Place for Android Review

As the title suggests, Apps by Place for Android let you find popular apps based on their geographic locations. The results it provides are reasonably accurate. Developed by Ievgenii Lebid, you can get Apps by Place Android application for free from Google Play Store. Features Why one should have an app like Apps by Place […]

Crazy UFO App for Android Review

Crazy UFO app for Android is another Flappy Bird inspiration you could find in Google Play Store. This time, the action takes place in space and your aim is to maneuver your space ship through space without hitting any obstacles. Crazy UFO app, developed by SPZKWARE iNC, can be downloaded for free from Google Play […]

Greed App for Android Review

Puzzle lovers’ look for games that will get them thinking/challenging and the ones has great replay potential. Greed app for Android is one such game that has engaging game play and tremendous replay value. Developed by silkygoose, you can get Greed app for free from Google Play Store. Features The core idea of Greed app […]

Chase Him Down App for Android Review

Lots of fans were disappointed when Flappy Bird was killed by its developer few months back. But that spawned lots of Flappy Bird inspired games, and to say the truth, some of them were impressive. Chase Him Down game app is one such Flappy Bird inspired theme wherein you got to chase a Slenderman without […]

Paytm App for Android Review

Paytm: Mobile Recharge, DTH, Shopping app for Android is one of the top rated applications for online shopping is available on the Google Play Store. Developed by Paytm – One97 Communications Ltd, the app has fetched an outstanding rating of 4.3 out of 5 and more than ten million installations in a short span of […]