ADW Launcher 2 Android App Review

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ADW Launcher 2 for Android is an updated version of ADW Launcher and it is one of the most popular third party launchers available for Android. The app is fast, reliable and customizable. Unlike Apple iOS and Windows OS, Android offers more scope for customization than any other platform. It allows you to change the default launcher to create an impressive user experience in your smart phone. ADW Launcher 2 has enough and more features with ample selections for screens, icons and widgets. The possibility of configuring Android to your likeness is really high with ADW Launcher.

Beautifying your Android

ADW Launcher for Android provides up to seven home screens and allows you to store short cuts in a dock at the bottom of the screen. It gives you the option to side scroll app drawer or the one that is already present in Android. It has huge configuration options for app drawers, icons, customizable and downloadable themes, folders, ADW templates, home screen layout and gestures. Whole lot of new features have been added in the new version and most of the application have been redesigned and reprogrammed. There are more desktop transitions, app drawer styles, filters and compositions for icons. You have unlimited custom widgets and you can place the widget on the top and bottom panel.

There are new ways to manage screens, add widgets and short cuts change the wall paper and lock and unlock desktops. Add new custom widgets from widget list, create edit and share your own. Also, import them from friends and other developers. With template manager, you can now add, remove and share templates easily. You can also set a secondary action for desktops shortcuts and you need to swipe up on the desktop shortcut to execute the secondary option. Back up manager in advanced settings, allow you to import data from other popular launchers.


ADW Launcher for Android has more features than what has been discussed here. You just have to dive in and experience it yourself. The app is free and has a few in-app purchases.

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