Angry Birds Star Wars Android Game App Review

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Do you really believe that Angry Birds was the greatest Android games of all times? Well then here is good news for you! The biggest adventure that the Angry Birds are gearing up to take, is right here in Google Play! If you have waited long enough to watch the little balls of fury spring into action once again, then here is your chance to get playing with them. In a galaxy mile away into the space, a desperate group of rebel birds are joining hands to face the greatest and the most threatening menace of the Universe – The Evil Pigtroopers of the Empire! So, grab the coziest corner of your room and download the amazing Angry Birds Star Wars game app for Android to catch some fearsome action all over again! The free version of the game app is supported by third party advertisements.


The rebellious group of flurry little birds with amazing powers had previously won over the evil imperial pigs. Now, is their chance to repeat history yet again! So, what is the great plan this time? Rebel spies have successful managed to steal secret plans to powerful secret weapon known as the PIG STAR. They are rushing for the birds to deliver them the plans and this is exactly where the birds need your help! The legendary universe belonging to the Star Wars has been recreated in this nerve-wrecking game, which promises of super challenging levels that will keep you busy though out your vacation! Take the intergalactic journey and blast your way through Pigtroopers, by wielding your lightsaber and using all the special powers you have gathered! Travel to the depths of the Pig Star, right from the deserts of Tatooine. The terrific face offs with the formidable enemies like Dark Lord of the pigs and terrifying Darth Vader, will give you the true feeling of becoming a Jedi Master who has been bestowed with the divine responsibility of restoring peace in the galaxies.

Angry Birds Star Wars Android Game App

Angry Birds Star Wars Android game designs have this time come up with as many as 200 levels which won’t allow you to stop till you drop! Set in the most dramatically iconic locations, players are given the chance to wield some deadly weapons to counter the attacks of laser turrets, imperial pigs, and the dark sides of the force! Get to level up you birds and strengthen them as per the requirements of the succeeding levels!


Angry Birds Star Wars for Android is a game that promises unlimited entertainment and attracts both the old and the young. With new character introductions, interesting levels in fascinating backdrops, the game is surely worth downloading. Unravel all the secrets and hunt for goodies to keep your game intriguing till the last level. The game with all its difficult bonus levels, will keep on challenging you till you accept defeat!

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  1. Hi,

    I can not say that Angry Birds was the best game for android but that was and continues to be a good match, about it I have no doubt, and this Angry Birds Star Wars will be an addiction.


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