Avira Mobile Security iPhone App Review

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Avira Mobile Security App is a complete anti theft package for your iPhone. It is such an effective app that protects your most expensive device that you carry around. It is hard to be always vigilant and careful. Your precious device could easily be stolen or the data in it can be phished or your identity can be revealed to the wrong hands. All these could lead to major security incidents. Therefore, your smart phone does require a good anti theft tool and it does deserve that much care. It was previously called as Avira Antivirus app. Alerts you at all untoward events that happens to your phone and promises an all round security to everything that is in the phone and the phone as such.

Protect your phone and the data inside with this expert tool

Avira Mobile Security App for iPhone is much more than just a anti theft tool. It protects your identity from being leaked, protects from phishing websites and also sees how well your phone memory is used. The interface gives you easy access to all its features. Whether you phone is under the bed or in the kitchen, it easily helps you locate it by triggering a loud yell from Avira Connect.

This is accessed through online dashboard. Avira Mobile Security App safeguards your photos, email and contacts and alerts you when your confidential details are stolen. It could be credit card details, emails and passwords. Schedule an automatic scan to check whether there was a security breach. Device analyzer will have the memory and storage use. Get a quick overview of all the latest events through activity reports.


Avira Mobile Security iPhone App is superb and suits someone who value theirs and the phones security. The anti theist tools present in the app is foolproof. With smart reporting tools,let you gather vital information so you will know the status ofeverything concerned with your smart phone.The trial version is free and you can subscribe for premium version through in app purchases. The premium version includes unlimited traffic for data transfer through VPN pro and also includes technical support by the Avira mobile security team.

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