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The Evolving Androids – 10 Best Free Android Apps 2016

Best Free Android Apps 2016

Android systems are constantly under the process of technological evolution since their inception, with developers releasing high-end apps with every draining grain of sands of times. What follows is a list of top ten android apps that should definitely be on your phones.

⦁ Job Search – INDEED Made Easy! – Indeed Job Search app

Job Search App Android
Just graduated from college and feeling lost with how to start your search in the job market?
You believe you have reached a plateau stage of your career but your professional engagements are restricting you from exploring the market?
Or if you are simply engaged in a job search, take notes:
“Conducting a convenient and efficient job search has never been this easier.”
With the Indeed Job Search app, you can navigate through a database of over 16million jobs, accrued from over 60 countries and listed in 28 different languages. Being a trusted job search portal for 180million job seekers every month, you can join them now in your quest to land your dream job.
“How it improves my search?”
The GPS assisted system lets you search for jobs in nearby cities and you can further refine your search by setting pre-defined criteria like terms of employment, job titles, job descriptions etc. Not only that, but you can also apply for those jobs by setting up an Indeed Resume and personalizing job messages. All from the comfort of your palm!

⦁ What Happened Sunshine? – Morecast Weather App

Morecast Weather App Android
With the Morecast weather app, you can now have a complete and accurate weather prediction report; not only for the present day, but for the next fourteen days.
Use it to plan your travels as you get to read the certainties of once considered uncertain reports and you can also view live weather situations through the established network of global webcams.
The app also features a comparison tool where you can compare the weather of two geographic regions and decide where the bunny needs to be.

⦁ Plugging In Your Headphones – Podcast Addict App
Podcast Addict App AndroidPlanning a road travel but struggling to decide over the podcast that can be your companion through your journey? Podcast Addict is here for you. The app lets you create, organize and manage different audio multimedia ranging from podcasts, radio shows on demand, audio books and live audio streams to RSS News feeds. You can toggle through them and find your voice when you desire.

⦁ I Liked What I Saw! – Videoder App
Videoder App for AndroidJust finished watching a video on YouTube and you want to have it embedded in your collections and college & office presentations.
Not only that you want to have the convenience of re-watching them offline.
You search for download managers but none seem to convince you.
What do you do now?
Download Videoder and capture your desired multimedia files, not only from Youtube but as well as from Vimeo and multimedia providers.
And all this, for FREE!

⦁ Delve Into Your Pockets! – Pocket app

Pocketapp for AndroidBrowsing on the internet, you found an article. It was captivating but you realized that you do not have enough time for it now. You are struggling to prioritize your inquisitiveness over the hustle and bustle of times. You wish you could capture all those appealing articles, videos and ebooks in a flash and view it later.
If this is your story, Pocket app is designed for you. Put everything in your pocket that you want to revisit and re-access your savings on a later date. It also works if there is no internet around you.

⦁ Interview Your Favorites! – Ask Me Anything app
Ask Me Anything AppAsk Me Anything app brought to you by the team of reddit, allow you to ask anything you want from people you like or admire. They can be movie celebrities, astronauts, sportsmen or singer – this app provides you with a chance for an interactive experience with your favorite ones. You can follow their replies, put your own questions and keep yourself updated with all the recent interviews of the ones you adore and admire.

⦁ Gotta Catch’em All! – It is Pokémon Go!
Pokemon Go App AndroidFinally we have the most talked about and trending apps of 2016,
It is Pokémon Go!
Now available in almost every geographic region, the app takes you back in time when you loved watching Ash and co, travel to different landscapes catching Pokémon, training them and fighting against the gym leaders. However, this app takes it a little further.
It introduces its users to the concept of augmented reality where you can find digitally integrated Pokémon in the real world. Track them with the help of your GPS, capture them with a snapshot, train and visit different landmarks that houses gym leaders and Pokémon shops. The concept is really cool and it has opened doors to a new landscape of augmented reality.

⦁ Groove in! – Spotify music app
Spotify Music App AndroidSpotify music app allows you to listen to your favorite music whenever and wherever you want. It differs from Soundcloud in the respect that you do not have the access to the recorded and published audio content of its users. Where this may prevent it from being a promotional platform for the up and coming artists, the absence of this facility increases the quality of work available on Spotify. It has a huge library of music, something that will savor your listening experience.

⦁ The Little Fingers! – Kids Place App
Kids Place App AndroidWorried about your child’s infinite access to your mobile phone? (Obviously you don’t need to buy them one at such a young age).
Want to have the features of parental control and child lock?
Then, Kids Place is the app you are looking for. It restricts the access of those little fingers to the apps and features that you don’t want them to access. Moreover, it places a no-go sign on the calls and internet downloads.
What if my child accidentally stops an important app from running?
Well, the app has a feature to restart all such applications so that you can be carefree of any such inconvenience that could be a result of those pricking of thumbs.

⦁ From Here to Where?
Here is a navigation app – pun intended! You can use this app to get anywhere you want from your current location by assessing different routes and the mode of transport available for each. You can get directions even when you are offline. And that is not all, it’s an administered navigation. You get to monitor speed limits and the reports on usual traffic flow for the route of your choice.

With developers aiming towards continued evolution of android apps, you can be sure of constant additions to the list of Top Ten Free Android Apps, no matter the year!

The best android apps 2011

Barcode Scanner Android App (Shopping) - There’s a new way of getting reviews without the hassle of driving back home to check it. Barcode Scanner allows you to scan barcodes on items like books and CD’s. You can also view prices and check for contact information. Additionally Barcode Scanner offers events calendar
Shazam Android App -Shazam gives you the ability to identify songs with the use of your mobile phone. Before you purchase a CD or a music album, you can use Shazam to know a little bit more about the artist or singer. You can also do music sharing with friends and family members.
Handcent SMS Free Android App - Are you one of those people who loves to communicate via SMS and MMS? Well here’s the good news, a new app for Android called Handcent enables you to send SMS and MMS. This app also recognizes speech and currently supports 15 languages. Handcent also offers fun and a beautiful user-interface with different themes to choose from.
Google Translate free Android App - Google Translate automatically interpret any word, phrase or sentence that you enter. It can identify more than 50 languages. All you have to do is type or copy and paste the words or sentence that you wanted to translate, and Google Translate will do the job for you. This is a great app to check your friend’s messages or Facebook statuses written in a different language.
Facebook Android App - Facebook is by far the best Social Networking website around. Join and start connecting with Friends through Facebook. As soon as you become a member, you can start searching for old friends and start connecting with family members abroad. Additionally, you can share photos, express yourself and chat with people within your network.
Places Directory free Android app - Places Directory allows you to browse and check out local businesses near you. This app gives you information such as the distance and directions to the places that you are heading to. Moreover, Places Directory app shows you review for businesses like banks, restaurant and theaters. Also, tapping the listing you found will give you the ability to view ratings and photos of the destination or place.
Text-To-Speech Extended Android App- ShoutOut Text-To-Speech App for Android makes it easier for people to communicate safely while driving. This app uses a speech recognizing technology and transcribes the spoken message into text. The great thing about ShoutOut is that it guarantees your privacy; no real human is involved when the transcription is done.
Ringdroid free Android app - Here’s a great alternative for those costly ringtones- Ringroid, create your own tone and alarms.
Currently Ringroid app supports the following file formats MP3, WAV, AAC, MP4, 3GPP, and AMR.
Documents To Go Free Android App - Documents To Go allows you to create and edit documents using your mobile phone device. You can also update the documents you’ve created earlier. You can also sync these documents to your online file storage and have the freedom to manage all your important articles on the go and in one place.
Jewels free Android game (Brain & Puzzle) - Jewels is one of the most game app that will help you exercise your brain and relieve your from stress. This game app offers a three-match puzzle game that includes a global leader board.