Best Facebook Apps

The best free Facebook apps

#1 Where I’ve Been Facebook App- Are you a traveler who wants to keep a digital memorabilia of places you’ve been to? Placing pins on the map is out! Here’s a new digital way of keeping a remembrance of the places you’ve travelled before. Where I’ve Been- provides an interactive map that is fun and easy to use.

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#2 Social Connect Facebook App - is the most innovative way of dating
online. This dating app introduces Virtual Date, the first ever app on Facebook
to offer such creative platform to communicate, flirt and connect with other
people all across the globe. Moreover, Social Connect offers other fun way of
conversing with other members, they offer Instant Messaging and a messaging
system called “Connect.” Other interesting features include Hotlist, Charms and
Winks. This is surely one app that you surely won’t want to skip especially if
you’re looking for a special someone! Don’t wait find your perfect match on
Social Connect!

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#3 DivShare Facebook App - Are you looking for ways to share documents
and files with your co-workers or friends? Here’s an app for you- DivShare
allows you to share, upload and swap images, files like MP3 and .doc files and
anything that you want to upload. DivShare allows you to upload files less than
200 MB in size.
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#4 Mafia Wars FAcebook App - Mafia wars have over 25 million members
and still growing. It is one of the most popular crime games on Facebook. This
award-winning game app allows players to move their way up by building
alliances, fight and defeat mobs via strategic game play.
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#5 Birthday Calendar Facebook App - Avoid forgetting your friends’ and
family members’ birthdays by using the Birthday Calendar app. With Birthday
Calendar you get birthday alerts through your email and mobile phone. You can
also see upcoming birthdays in your profile. Also, Birthday Calendar offers over
1,700 fcards that you can send to Facebook friends and loved ones. This app also
covers holidays in more than 200 countries.
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#6 Application Builder Facebook App - Can’t find any free app that
interests you? Why not create your own with Application Builder. With this app,
you can create games like puzzles, quizzes, picture writer and gifts! This app
gives non-programmers the opportunity to create and design their own app. So,
there’s no coding experience required, have fun and start making your own app
with Application Builder!


#7 Honesty Box Facebook App - Know what other people think about you with Honesty Box app. If you’re someone looking for ways to let others know of how you feel and what you think about them, but don’t want to reveal yourself- Honesty Box can be the mediator. You can send message anonymously and let your opinion of others get heard and known. The great thing about this app is that your identity won’t be revealed.