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10 Best Free iPhone Apps for 2016!

So the spider bots have brought you to this page and you realize it’s one of those clichéd articles that you have seen plenty of times on the internet. You can feel the boredom settling in you. After all, it’s not The First of His Name. You recall how Tesla was spot on with his assessment:
“The first time I tried to change the world, I was hailed as a visionary. The second time, I was asked politely to retire.”
But Google has a way to play with its customers.
It just entices you.
And you are still here; searching for those elusive apps that may finally put an end to your inquisitiveness.
You read on!

The Journey from Jargons to Colloquials –  Duolingo App

Duolingo App for iPhoneWie nach learnen eine neu sprache?
The answer is Duolingo.
Whether you are planning to travel on foreign shores, add to your monolingual skills for academic or professional purposes or just want to impress that lady in a red dress, Duolingo is the ultimate language learning portal hub. Apart from the language of elves and gnomes, you have the luxury to learn multitudes of new languages in a fun way. The best part, you can adjust your pace at your learning speed and it’s all free.
Still wondering the question to that answer? Seek Duolingo!
Mr. Tutor, I Don’t Have the Money! – Khan Academy App

Khan Academy App for iPhoneDo you have a lecture to deliver and you are struggling with the topic?
Need to prepare an assignment and you seem to be lost?
Need to learn a soft skill?
Want to work at Pixar but you have no idea about animations?
The answer to everything is Khan Academy. It’s a kind of a personal tutor that can help you with getting grips over any skill or over any subject you want. It’s education without classrooms and war waging teachers.
The Bard of Avon – Shakespeare App
Shakespeare App for iPhoneEver wanted to have your personal iPhone collection of all the plays, sonnets & poems and apocrypha of the famous literary alchemist, Shakespeare? brings you a free app, Shakespeare™, where you can have the complete works of Shakespeare (41 plays, 154 sonnets & 6 poems and 3 apocrypha) in your pocket. It is blessed with so detailed search options and additional features that you can get your hands on anything related with the Bard of Avon.
Plus, the app also offers you, your very own FREE personal Shakespeare Passport! This is a virtual passport that you can display over 57 different theatres and literature venues and enjoy discount and freebies in the world of Shakespeare. A must have for the admirers of the Bard!
Albert, Your Personal Financial Advisor

Struggling to manage your finances? – Albert App

Albert App for iPhoneWant factual and real time financial advice along with services?
Don’t have the money to hire your very own financial advisor?
Meet, Albert!
Albert is a free finance managing app that lets you connect with all your accounts, so you can monitor and regulate your financial activities in an organized way. It also helps you in seeking best financial services as per your needs.
“Give every man thy ear but Albert thy voice.”
Work Hard, Train Harder! – Perigee App

Perigee App for iPhoneThis one is for all you fitness gurus.
Perigee brings 7 Minutes Workout app for you which helps you maintain your fitness in times where you are too blinded by the struggle to keep pace with this competitive world. The training is based on scientifically proven 7 minutes workout to assist you in shredding off that extra lump of fat and improve your cardiovascular functioning. The exercises do not need any equipment and you can even adjust the levels as per your desire.
Worried about your motivation level?
Announcer, Drill Seargent, Kung-Fu Master, Cheerleader and a Hippie can all be hired as your instructors who can help you maintain the levels of adrenaline.
With the app you can also monitor your improvement and keep eyes on suggestion as it let you tailor your workouts based on your performance chart. It’s your very own personal fitness trainer but one you do not have to pay for.
“Don’t go gentle into that good night; old age should burn and rave at close of day. Rage, rage against the dying light.”

Open Sesame! – 1password App

1password App for iPhoneNeed to remember all those lengthy, obnoxious passwords that guard your digital assets?
Do you end up forgetting your passwords and pin-codes?
Worried about Beagle Boys cracking through your security and getting hands over those secret nuclear codes?
Well here is a personal watchdog that you can hire, 1password. It’s a free app designed on the framework of cloud computing. You can store all your passwords in your registered account and all you need to remember is that ONE master password that holds the entire information. Cool, isn’t it?
“She had locked something away, something deep inside her. The truths that she had once known, but… she chose to forget. 1password became her reality.”

I Discovered America! – Google Maps App
Google Maps App for iPhoneThis is one iPhone app that has been used for ages and it would still be in the most cherished of lists, irrespective of time and age. Even Columbus used it! Although he never had an iPhone but it still remains a mystery to date.
Yes, you guessed it right, it’s the Google maps. The app needs no introduction and neither do this piece has to stink of boredom by explaining it. A mocking Catherine Rossi once said,
“Being lost doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. In fact, you do not need to worry if you have Google maps. After all, when Columbus got lost, he used the app to discover America.”

If Only Leonardo was Alive – Assembly App
Assembly App for iPhoneRestricting the virtual designer in you because you believe Illustrator is too complicated to master?
Want to design with vector graphics but you do not know the basics?
Assembly is here to hold your hands and let you express your creativity with vector graphics designs and illustrations. Even if you are a novice with vector graphics, this free app from Pixite lets you slice and morph different shapes to create caricatures of Mona Lisa and make Leonardo proud. From illustrations to logo designing, you have got everything at the palm of your hand.
“You create a world of dream. Assembly brings the objects into that dream and they fill it with their subconscious.”

Experiment in Your Stew Pot! – Kitchen Stories App

Kitchen Stories App for iPhoneCooking is one of those things that excite people. But when some of them step in the kitchen, the experience gets the better of them and they end up with an underwhelming recipe. If you fall into this category of renowned cooks, Kitchen Stories should be a helpful app for you.
It lets you experiment in your kitchen with a sumptuous, step by step visual guide for different recipes available from a vast catalogue.
It may even be your winning ticket to MasterChef!

Programming the Un-Programmable
Sharpen your programming skills or learn a new one, Lrn is there to help you. You can develop some serious learning curve on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby and Python in a fun and interactive way by using this app. Advanced courses do require you to make in-app purchases, but even if you don’t there is still plenty of tutoring on offer. Now you can program the un-programmable!

Are you still here?
Thinking about trying one of these apps?
Words definitely have a way to play with its readers.


The best and most popular iPhone apps past years:

The Muscle Lab Mini iPhone App - Are you the type of person that wants to keep track of your daily food intake and fitness level? Then try “The Muscle Lab Mini” app. This application lets log your nutrition and daily caloric intake. Additionally, you can also track your fitness level activities. Other features include a calendar for easy days and month’s access and an easy to use caloric and hydration target customization.

SmartDate® – Cool Dating & Hot Local Singles - Visionsync Inc
NEW: Free SmartDate app has quickly become our number 2 app. This app, while it was made for dating has some other fun attributes that makes it a lot more versatile. SmartDate uses proximity locational tracking to help users find dates, friends and activity partners. It integrates with Social Connect, the number one Dating App of 2011 as well as the Facebook Network. Feature Rich and a must have download.

Word Lens - Quest Visual
Word Lens Real Time Translator iPhone App -Language translation has never been easy with the new Real Time Translator app. Real Time Translator can interpret over 50 languages. All you have to do is type in the word, phrase or sentence into the app and it will automatically translate it for you.

ParkingAssistant - BMW Group
ParkingAssistant iPhone App - Does finding a parking space give you a headache? You can now take a deep breath, introducing Parking Assistant- with Parking Assistant you can say goodbye to daily headaches and nuisances. This app helps you find a parking space within your local area or vicinity. Furthermore, it helps you find a non-paid or a paid parking lot with just one navigation button.

Dangerous Bananas - DS Effects
Dangerous Bananas Game iPhone App - is a game app that is fun and exciting. The game rule is simple you just need to guide the monkey across the jungle, swamp and city. However, the monkey will need tons of bananas to get to the next level. Also, you need to make sure that the monkey does not fall down the water; and help the monkey avoid the other dangerous stuff such as trucks, cars, snakes and crocodiles.

ForecaWeather - Foreca Ltd.
ForecaWeather iPhone App - lets you view and check out weather forecast both locally and internationally. The app currently covers over 140,000 locations worldwide. gives users the ability to view animated weather forecasting, radar and precipitations. Also, this app offers 30 language user interfaces.

Financer : Easy to use financial ledger - dBelement, LLC
Financer iPhone App - Keep track of your finances with Financer app. This application allows you to view and follow your spending habits and manage and plan your monthly budgets. Financer gives you the ability to record your bank deposits and withdrawals. The best thing about Financer is that it is proven secure and safe.
Heap CRM iPhone App - Are you a business person always on-the-go? Are you getting dizzy looking at your unorganized planner? Now is the time to get Heap CRM- an app that will help you stay on top of your business deals, schedules and plan. Heap CRM, allows you to keep your contacts, emails, files, events and messages all in one place. Make things less complicated with Heap CRM!
Closest House For Sale iPhone App - If you’re a realtor agent or just an individual always avid to get the first hand list of houses for sale in your local area or across the country- Closest House For Sale is the app for you! You can find houses for sale in an instant using your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone. The great thing about this app is that it is totally free and does not require download.

WebMD Mobile - WebMD
First Aid by Symptoms iPhone App - is an application that lets you know what first aid steps to take when dealing with emergency situations or unexplainable symptoms. Just enter the keyword or symptom that you wanted to know about and the app will show you the first aid condition that you need to do. It also let you know what important things you need to take note and what to observe and watch out for.
4G Speed iPhone App - Do you want to know your internet connection speed? Now you can with 4G Speed- Internet Speed Test. This app gives you the ability to view your network connection speed after a string of tests. Moreover, 4G Speed enables you to save your speed tests history.