Best Nokia Apps

Top 10 Nokia Apps

Here are some of the Top 10 Nokia Apps that people are keeping on their phone.  A lot of them add a lot of additional features that you will find useful on your Nokia.

1. Joikuspot Premium WiFi HotSpot Turn your phone into a WiFi HotSpot with Joiku Spot. The Premium edition adds more flexibility with the ability to customize your WiFi’s landing page, use email, and auto-reconnect, among many others.

2. ThreadSMS standard 1.96 This utility gives a great threaded message list and includes the portrait of the person in your thread. Just like social messaging that you are used to with Facebook, but without all of the advertising and Farmville requests.

3. Chat For Facebookl Facebook Social is an App that is used within Facebook. This app allows you to connect with users of Social Chatroom through an easy to use interface on your Nokia.

4. FingerPrint-V2.8 If you are into James Bond gadgets, then this app is for you. You can lock your phone with your fingerprint. Only you will be able to get into your phone by having your identity scanned. A really cool app to show your friends and completely functional.

5. SlideIT Keyboard-Full version Great full version of SlideIT Keyboard. This allows you to get rid of that demo and get all the functionality of the full app. It allows you to text easier and faster and you’ll love the great interface.

6. Contact Photo Sync Great app to sync your phone book with your Facebook friend pics. You can assign the pics of your friends’ profiles to your contacts on your Nokia.

7. Facebook uploader PRO This is the best and easiest way to get full size pics and videos onto Facebook and off your phone. Use PRO for unlimited original resolution images and you’ll be amazed at how simple it is when you let Facebook Uploader PRO do the work.

8. RingtoneEditor Customize your phone’s ringtone using your own music. Stop searching across the internet for ringtone files, use this app to convert your own personal music files into the perfect ring. Whether you are a fan of obscure music, or just looking to save some time, this app can help anyone make changing their ringer to something special become quick and easy.

9. Handheld Mirror Such a simple idea! Use this app to turn your phone into a mirror and you can be sure to look your best on the go. No need to carry that extra weight in your bag any longer.

10. Fitness Builder Give yourself an extra advantage in the weight-loss battle using Fitness Builder. This app gives you access to thousands of exercise moves with image and video that can be combined to create a personal workout just right for you.

7. Big Sound Buttons Choose from 101 funny sound effects and voices with their big buttons. It is easy to make a quick joke, interrupt your friends, and cause general disruption with their simplified interface. Hilarious encounters are in your future.