Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing Android Game App Review

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Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing is an Android platform gaming application developed by Best Free Games Inc. The main theme of the game is mountain bike racing with amazing graphics and game play. The game features single player racing where we must ride the bike through the downhill, smashing rocks on the way, making different skills and making high jumps in order to avoid the obstacles. Bike Mayhem game is very addictive and also has more than 80 gears for the rider and bike, 19 different mountains, also more than 100 mountain trails.

Racing Like Never Before

The main concept of Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing Android game is racing on a downhill and also on wood tracks. The interface of the gaming app consists of four options such as play, gear up button for levelling up the bike or the rider, the leaderboard icon to view the leaderboard. When playing, the controls are placed on the bottom of the screen and it includes the controls to jump, break and accelerate. By performing different skills and stunts, we can earn stars and these stars can be used for further progression to the next stages. The player can also upgrade bike and rider as when earns more stars by playing more games. The sound effects and music gives more ambiance and feel to the game.

Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing Android Game App Review

It has also options to challenge our friends to beat our score and timings. The bike crash graphics are good and the backgrounds were also well suited. Making flips, wheeling and speeding up the bike gives more stars. Using better gears for the bike gives more chance of getting better scores in each trails especially the right wheel and frame combination. It has also boosters to use up when riding through difficult trails to getter better timings.

Highly Rated Racing Game App

Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing is one of the highly rated racing games with good graphics, gameplay, sound and music. With more than 100 beautiful mountain trails for all styles of riding, Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing is one of the most addictive racing games in Google Play Store. This game supports different bikes, mountains, trails. Download the game now, and share your races with your friends. Challenge them to beat your times!

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