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Builder Game for Android gives you a firsthand experience working in a workshop. It is like a handyman’s workshop where you can enjoy building or demolishing houses and towers, digging the soil, constructing wood products, cutting wood, welding and other fun things. Builder Game app can prove you to be an excellent construction worker.

Building it for fun

Builder Game for Android has beautiful graphics and special effects with loads of games and activities you will get engrossed in. Activities include wood working, building tower, building house, demolish the tower, welding, warehouse, timber cutting, construction site and tile art. You can construct a chair, bench, fence, birdhouse or doghouse with hammer, screwdrivers and other tools. Polish and paint to add finishing touch to new wood products. Build a house, apartment or business tower by adding windows, walls, a door, a balcony, stairs and a roof with various builders tools. Use the help of a crane to lift heavy loads to construct high rise buildings. Hammer, pneumatic hammer, TNT box and wrecking balls are used to pulled down old building. Welding mask and welding help you fix damages and holes as you finish brushing your construction.

As you are running a warehouse you get so many orders from customers who need building materials. Use a fork-lift to load the truck with orders. Chop timber with a chainsaw or a hatchet in the Timberman mini-game to get wood for your constructions. Use adhesives to remove all cracked tile and create different tile arts.


Builder Game for Android is quite an easy-to-use game with a friendly interface for kids with loads of creative possibilities and many mini-games. It has over 50 different tools and building materials using which you can play and learn how things are made. The game is a free download from Google Play Store.

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