Disney Magic Kingdoms Android App Review

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Here comes a fantasy action and adventure simulation game that is sure to release the inner child in you. Almost 80 million people play this game. You get to create your very own Disney Kingdom with your favorite Disney and Pixar characters. The Disney Magic Kingdoms android app game involves releasing the Disney Kingdom from an evil spell cast by a villain and keeping the visitors happy.

How Disney Magic Kingdoms App for Android Works

The players create their own customized version of the Disney Park with attractions, characters and guests. Over 150 Disney and Pixar characters can be collected and there are more than 1500 mini-adventures to be played. Characters include favorites from the almost century old Disney pantheon – right from Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell, Donald Duck, Rapunzel, characters from Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Moana, Lion King, Toy Store, Wall-E, Cyclops Sushi and more. You can add on celebrations from Disney theme parks around the world to your version of Disney Park like wonderful parades featuring floats and pyrotechnics.

Add on and customize world famous attractions like Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain to your version of Disney Park. Along the quest, you need to save your park from the evil curse of Maleficent, and the villains like Scar, Jafar, Ursula and Gaston who are out to destroy our park. The Disney Magic Kingdoms Build Your Own Magical Park android app game involves getting your favorite Disney and Pixar characters you unlock to perform tasks and earn the in-game currency ie. Magic which help you earn experience points with which you can add more characters to your park or level up characters you have. To progress, the characters must complete quests and collect objects. You must also awaken other characters, rides, and attractions, thereby gaining the required magical power to de-curse different areas. The Disney Magic Kingdoms game app for android is updated regularly with new content and there are special events every week.


With iconic Disney characters and landmark attractions, this is a mobile game for Disney fans of all ages. Disney Magic Kingdoms Build Your Own Magical Park app game for android can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store. However, to complete all levels would require a fair bit in-app purchases. Rated for ages 3+, this game has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

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