Doctor On Demand iPhone App Review

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Doctor on Demand for iPhone is designed to enable patients who don’t have time to visit a regular office or who require treatment outside of typical business hours get face-to-face doctor consultations. Doctor On Demand for iPhone has a private video meeting room where we may meet with a psychologist or psychiatrist face to face. Anyone, with or without insurance, may be connected to high-quality physicians through their phone, computer, or tablet. Doctor on Demand’s objective is to save consumers time and money, and they already have hundreds of businesses and health plans relying on them to look after their millions of employees and members. Doctor On Demand’s providers are all licenced, board-certified, and situated in the United States. Our physicians, psychiatrists, and psychologists have experience in a variety of specialties, with an average patient rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Video doctor visits, 24/7

Our physicians can treat a wide range of ailments via video, from colds to cholesterol. Our doctor will collect our medical history and symptoms, examine you, and prescribe therapy, which may include medications and test work if necessary. Our interface with Apple’s HealthKit allows doctors to see our vitals, including as temperature and blood pressure. Choose from a list of therapists and work with them from the comfort of our own home to resolve our concerns. We may also take a free mental health exam to see whether talking to someone can help us. We can schedule therapy and psychiatric sessions in as little as two weeks, which is significantly faster than locating a typical practitioner.

Doctor On Demand iPhone App Review

Consultancy in one tap

All we have to do is push a button, and we’ll be connected to a doctor through video call. If necessary, we may also set up an appointment for a later date. The entire procedure takes only a few seconds and is simple to utilize. When it’s time for our appointment, a video icon will show on your screen or app, and we’ll be able to begin your video call straight away. Anxiety, stress, sadness, PTSD, trauma and loss, relationships, postpartum, and behavioural therapy are all available through Doctor On Demand’s psychologists and psychiatrists. Appointments are scheduled one at a time, unlike many online counselling services that offer subscription plans. This might be beneficial to anyone dealing with physical or mental health difficulties.

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