Filmzie Movie Streaming Android App Review

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Filmzie Movie Streaming app for Android allows you to watch great movies from independent filmmakers. While Hollywood flicks may give a taste of the grandeur and glamour of movies, the indie film scene will take you closer to the art of cinema. You would get to watch inspiring stories, told in a refreshing way. But the Filmzie Movie Streaming app is not just an app that allows you to watch independent cinema. It does so much more that it puts it on par with the best movie streaming app on the Google Play Store.

Get a Taste of Real Cinema

Filmzie – Movie Streaming Android app allows you to watch independent movies from filmmakers from around the world. The best part is, you can watch it all for free! Yes, that’s true, you would not have to pay for any subscription. The app has hundreds of hours of movies to watch, across various genres. You can catch the work of popular arthouse directors as well as up-and-coming auteurs who have the potential of changing the cinema landscape in the future. This eclectic mix of movies makes this app a must-have for the real movie buff. New movies are added regularly, and some of them are fresh from winning awards at international film festivals. Apart from watching full-length features – you can also catch award-winning shorts as well. So, if you are interested in real cinematic gems, that often remain hidden from the public eye, then trust me, this is the app that you have looking for.

App Features

1. Hundreds of hours of award-winning movies and shorts
2. No subscription fee is required
3. Watch movies from different genres
4. Experience cinema in the ‘classic’ 4:3 aspect ratio.


The Filmzie app is perfect for the true cinema lover. You would love the collection of indie films that you will find through this app. The films will entertain you, move you and inspire you. The app works seamlessly on phones as well as tablets. So, download the app today and discover cinema as it was always meant to be.

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