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Free iPhone App, Overkill

The world of the future is a bleak one according to the plotline of Overkill, a Craneballs Studios production.  You are a mercenary hired to do what mercenaries do best, blow up stuff, kill and blow up more stuff.  With the money that you earn for your rampage of destruction, you can take some time and relax as you select from 12 weapons to purchase and upgrade.  With the amount of weapons and upgrades available there are over one hundred combos.  This game is huge and has a pretty high replay value with eighty waves of battle along with bonus locations.

2.5 million players can’t all be wrong right?  As you increase your skill level, you gain ranks.  Start as a Private and work your way up to General.


free apps iphone overkill


  • So much to see and kill.
  • Hours of hostility releasing destruction.
  • A vast selection of weapons to match to your playing style.
  • Hi-Def Graphics
  • Sound effects are decent, so is the music.
  • Overkill is a free download
  • Leaderboards and detailed stats.
  • Snapshot feature for bragging rights


The game is seriously filled with a huge arsenal and plenty of enemies to use that arsenal on.  If you like blood, bullets, medals and destruction, then Overkill, which is aptly named, will be one of your favorite downloads this week.  Some of the guns and weapons upgrades are locked and can only be unlocked with Overkill Medals.  This is a pretty cool feature that gives you medals for promotions and other outside the game actions.  Once you collect the Overkill medals, you can buy the locked weapons and upgrades.  Other ways to get Overkill Medals are to use TAPJOY or sharing Overkill with Facebook or through an email.

Overkill is a fun game with lots of content to keep the game fresh for awhile.  There have been some problems with the controls on some iPhones, but they are working on it and it will be fixed in a patch.

There’s a ton of weapons to choose from in this game including SCAR, MSR, MG4, MP7, RG6, RPG, MR, AK-47, HK 417 and the MARV.  With so many weapons and options, Overkill is a pretty extensive and content rich game.  The Medals make for fun achievements.  With 30 ranks to be promoted through, this game should last you awhile and will probably stay loaded for a few months.  There may be some upgrades in the future which will add to the longevity of the app.  It is definitely worth letting your friends know about it, especially just to get the Medals to access locked features.

We are giving this free app a 7 out of 10.  It would be higher, but the game is virtually unplayable on the iPhone 4 as of the posting of this review.  Once it is fixed it will be a 9/10.


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    i want to download cool iphone 4g apps

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    E word

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    I want it

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    One of the best iPhone game, I have played so far! Can you please suggest more Action and FPS games for iPhone and iPad both?

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