Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks Android App Review

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Google Play Store has a few apps that try to do things differently. Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks for Android is one such application that does just that. It makes the boring task of planning your routine into something more exciting. How does it do that? By making things look like a game! The app is a free download from Play Store.

Gamifying Your Tasks

It is commonly observed that most of us don’t feel like planning our tasks and our day to day activities, just because the task is out and out boring. However, Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks for Android makes it feel like a game. So, when planning the task becomes exciting, you would automatically spend time to set new tasks. In Habitica, you need to create your own Avatar. When you complete the task, you get levelups and you can upgrade the armor, get more pets and unlock the quests. You can fight monsters with your friends and earn gold to get rewards, which even includes watching an episode of your favorite TV show.

App Highlights

Excitingly new way to create tasks
Rewards for completing your own daily tasks
Free to use

Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks Android App Review


Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks for Android is a great application that really helps to form good habits. The app has exciting interface that resembles that of a game. What could be greater than earning rewards and upgrading your avatar for doing tasks like getting the grocery? So, install the app today and make your life more exciting.

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