Highball Share and Collect Cocktails iPhone App Review

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Highball by Studio Neat is an iPhone app that is solely aimed for collecting and sharing cocktail recipes. Cocktail recipes though look and sound simple is a bit hard to remember, especially, the exact ratio of concoction to be added. The process is pretty simple with Highball. This is one of the few apps that allow users to import or create recipes. You can choose ingredients from the list, write the descriptions and import cocktail image for each recipe. The imported recipe will become completely editable and you can make changes and share it over any of the social networking sites.

Get high with Highball

Highball for iPhone has a charming design and the recipes are organised into virtual cards, presented as just the drink name or the preview of the ingredients based on how many recipes you have in your library. Highball is an easy way to share cocktail recipes. The app brings together all the recipes of cocktail you would have found across many .different sources, especially the internet and books. It is one big central library of cocktails. When you want to share any of the recipes, Highball generates an image of the recipe, called a recipe card. This makes it easier to share the recipe on Twitter, Messenger or email. The image looks great on a mobile, with its portrait size of 16×9.

Highball Share Collect Cocktails iPhone App Review

Sharing text in an image through the app makes the text selectable and editable. This is due to the implementation of QR Code. When you import a recipe card into the app, it reads the QR code and imports all the text from the database back into the image making it fully editable. This makes it extremely easy to share and import recipes. The recipe card in itself is a good looking one and it offers you all the possibilities of making changes makes it more user friendly. There are plenty of drink images as stock assets and you can change the default image that comes with a card.

Share and Collect Cocktails

Highball iPhone app is for those who love experimenting cocktail making independently. The app mainly focuses on drinks and mixology. Highball is free to download with ads that market ice kits and syrup kits which can be purchased using Apple Pay from within the app.

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