iClicker Reef iPhone App Review

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iClicker Reef iPhone app provides a educational engaging system for the students. It is an easy to use app that is quite useful for an interactive and engaging class. It is a simple system that allows instructors to create polling questions and send it to students. Students will be able to access these questions and respond. Students can use this as study guide and learn the topics they are not aware of. It is an innovative solution that helps improve retention and comprehension by providing assessments and polls iClicker Reef for iPhone is one of a kind student engagement app that helps them through the learning process.

Teach, learn and make your class more engaging

iClicker Reef App for iPhone is one of the most interactive learning tool that helps instructors understand the comprehension level of the students. It basically depends on creating an interactive session that engages students on a certain subject. The instructor can create question of different type, it could be Multiple choice, target, short answers, and numeric type.

The instructor can review the question and answers and respond. The student can use it as an after class study guide to prepare for tests and exams. All sessions are stored in cloud and it can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Students can compare their result with the rest of the class. The iClicker Reef iPhone App integrates well with other iClicker software and remote access. This helps give Reef additional functionality and makes it a complete learning tool. You need to register to get access for iClicker remote.


iClicker Reef iPhone is an app that makes learning engaging and inquisitive. It has abundant of resources that help you learn all about the app, how to run a polling question, choose polling type, enabling students and more. The basic version app is available for free trial to download and use. There are no ads placed by the developers.There are additional in-app purchases available in the app to subscribe for one, two and four year subscription.The app requires iOS 9 and above and is compatible with iPad,iPhone and iPod touch.

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