Invasion: Online War Game Android App Review

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If you are a fan of strategic games, check this one out: Invasion: Online War Game for Android. It is a thrilling online war simulation and real-time battle strategy game. You can download Invasion app for free.


Invasion: Online War Game app for Android is a strategy game as well as a real time game. You compete with other players around the globe as you go about building your empire and military in an attempt to rule the world. You can ally with your friends or family members to conquer the world faster. The game play of Invasion: Online War Game for Android is like other classic games in its genre. But the game stands out from its competitors in terms of its graphics, effects and sound track. Invasion: Online War Game has an underlying storyline that sets the premise for you. It is year 2020 and it is post-apocalyptic era. So you have to compete with your rivals to gain power and domination in this hard and extremely chaotic new age. To survive, you need to build anything using resources. The resources can be obtained naturally by collecting them, or by attacking your enemy and steal it from them.

Invasion Online War Game Android App Review

Invasion: Online War Game Android app also features important monuments. You can fight in huge monuments with other players in what is called Monument Wars. You can also collect intelligence so that you know what your opponents are planning to do. The graphics of Invasion: Online War Game for Android is stupendous. On a phone screen with good ppi, the 3D rendering of buildings, weapons, and planes look gorgeous. The panoramic map looks stunning. Everything seems to be well thought-out and planned to the ‘T’. The app is slick and responsive.


Invasion: Online War Game for Android is a well designed and interesting strategic game wherein you set out conquering the world in a post apocalyptic era. The game is noted for its originality, graphics, interesting storyline, and game play. It has lot other features that keep you engrossed. The best part is that Invasion is played in real-time with other players. Overall, the app is an easy recommendation for the value it brings to the table, as well as due to the fact that it is a free download. Check it out if you are looking for a similar game.

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