Last Day on Earth: Survival Android Game App Review

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Last Day on Earth: Survival for Android is a post apocalyptic zombie survival game that is brutal enough such that there is no place for friendship, love or compassion. Surviving is initially tough and you need to get used to the gameplay as you will not have much to fight against in the starting and you are pressed to earn it. You will have to contend with stones, berries and tree barks until you are able to construct your own axe.

Escape the zombie apocalypse and defeat the intruders

Last Day on Earth: Survival for Android is set in the post apocalyptic year of 2027 when the world will get plagued with an unknown infection that will almost erase the human race on earth. And to complicate things further, these dead people will turn into zombies that survive on the ruins of this great world. These zombies develop resistance in blood and are really hard to beat. You will have to maintain your life statistics, like the hunger, thirst, valuable resources for crafting designing weapons and using different types of vehicles. Even if you do not get a chance for all this, fight with whatever you can get hold off.

As a player you start with absolutely nothing with just a pair of red boxers. Your initial task is to collect everything from shelter, food, clothing and weaponry to defend the zombies and wild animals. Roaming zombies and animals can attack you any time and your success depends on how much resources you can collect at the quickest possible time. You need to be careful with other opponent players who can kill you to get hold of your ammunitions.


Last Day on Earth: Survival Android game app let you decide the survival of your character. The game comes with a sturdy character upgrading system and level up system with every new level will fetch you one new skill. There are about 200 levels to pursue. You will have to try out anything to everything in order to survive. The opponents are powerful and cunning too. The basic version of the app is offered for free from Google Play Store.

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