MediBang Paint Android Drawing App Review

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MediBang Paint Drawing app for Android lets you create digital painting and comics. The app comes loaded with fonts, brushes, backgrounds, resources that will make painting on a smart device a breeze. The app makes use of cloud storage to make transfer between different platforms simple and smooth. You can draw illustrations the way you want as the app has all the features that is present in a desktop painting application. It is apt for a comic book artist, with its many creative tool for illustrations. The app is a great tool for a novice and a professional to get their illustrations and comic art ready.

Draw Your Best Art With An Easy To Use Tool

MediBang Paint Android app is a simple and easy to use painting application that has all the features available in a desktop painting application. The interface makes it easy to paint with its different brush size, colors and other tools. The HSV mode will make it easy to intuitively use colors. The app has over 100 free brushes, 850 tones, backgrounds, textures and fonts. It has a great selection of Water Color, Pencil, Flat Brush, Acrylic, Drawing Pen and others. Force fade in and out features will make the lines sharp even if it were drawn using the fingers. There are built in backgrounds that depicts city scenes, vehicles and others. It will lessen the burden of the artist. You simply have to drag and drop the texture, tones and backgrounds.

MediBang Paint Android Drawing App Review


MediBang Paint is one of the best drawing applications which is fairly simple to use. There a too many features that can confuse you but as you gain experience you will learn to acknowledge its immense features that helps you paint and draw. The help feature will be of great use when you are stuck with its many features. You can share your work with its community and also on various social media platform. The app is free for download and use.

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