Navita Translator Free App for BlackBerry Review

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Traveling around the world can be fun, but it can also be annoying if you do not know any languages but English. Many different translators exist to help with translation from other languages into English, but not many of them are free and of a good quality.

The Navita Translator for BlackBerry has the potential to be both great and free and even right now it is an impressive piece of software. Go between three common languages The BlackBerry Navita Translator will allow you to go back and forth between English, Spanish and Portuguese as far as the actual interface is concerned. This means that anyone with English, Spanish or Portuguese as their mother tongue can benefit from this software package because the interface and the software work just as well with all three languages.

In terms of actual translations however, it is also going to be true that you can get translations from any one of 52 languages to any other language within that same group of 52. Get material to be translated from multiple sources Not only can the Navita Translator application for BlackBerry work across 52 different languages and three different full language interfaces, but it can also use multiple sources for the input before translation. If you have an e-mail that you need translated, Navita can do it for you. If you have a page on your BlackBerry browser that you’d like to translate, once again you can easily get that done. Text messages can also be translated immediately should you require that service.

Finally, if you’d just like to type something in on your own, you can manually input it into Navita Translator in order to get the translation back.

Final Score Overall, Navita Translator mobile free app gets a final score of 7 out of 10 from this review. The main reason that Navita scored lower has nothing to do with the actual interface and everything to do with the effectiveness of the software. Even though it is good for a beginning piece of software, you’ll find that Navita Translator is still missing a truly high level of accuracy within the translations that it does. It needs to improve in this area in order to be a truly good piece of software, but the potential to be great is definitely there. Right now, it will get you out of a tight jam for basic phrases, but it won’t be able to speak the language for you.

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