Radio Garden Android App Review

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By spinning the globe in Radio Garden for Android app, you may listen to thousands of live radio stations all across the world. A city or town is represented by each green dot. To listen to radio stations broadcasting from that city, tap on it. Simply rotate the globe and zoom in on a location of interest to get started. The feed for that station will begin playing automatically when you place a dot inside the green circle in the middle of the display. The radio station’s name will show with suggestions for additional stations in the region, all of which will be played. You may also search by nation, city, or station name, and save your favorites if you find anything you enjoy.

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They strive to provide you with a pleasant worldwide radio listening experience by adding new stations every day and replacing those that no longer operate. Listening to Radio Garden provides a wealth of opportunity to learn about the quirks of other cultures, as well as the amount to which they have embraced the accordion. The user interface is simple and straightforward: Choose a radio station by spinning the 3-D globe and clicking on a luminous green dot that represents a metropolis or small town. Tuning into channels on Radio Garden was precisely like listening to an analogue radio. The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision commissioned Radio Garden as an exhibition project in 2016. By 2019, the team had transformed it into a small business.

Radio Garden Android App Review

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In 2020, the app was entirely updated, and it is growing in popularity throughout the world. The Radio Garden crew claims to be planting seeds every day to keep the “garden” fresh (connecting more stations). The goal of the Radio Garden team, according to the app description, is to bring “remote sounds closer.” Radio stations who want to be heard on RADIO GARDEN must first register with the webmaster, who will then identify the station’s location on a global map and offer a link to the station’s URL. The DJ sends audio data from the station’s computer to a central shoutcast server, which subsequently distributes it to all listeners who are connected. You may store your favourite stations to listen to at a later time.

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