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| November 6, 2010

Shazam is an excellent music identifying app for iPhone. Shazam app provides instant information of a specific music track you want to know. With Shazam app, you can discover music tracks, share music with friends, access Shazam music charts and more. Excellent Music Discovery App iPhone Shazam app is the simplest way to identify songs. When you hear a song and want to know what it is, just use the Shazam app. You can get the track name and artist within seconds. This iPhone music application is integrated with features such as tracking music, music recommendations, share music, personalized tags and additional information on a specific music and so on.

Shazam app helps you to discover and share music instantly through your iPhone device. When you want to know what music track is playing, you just have to open the app and point your iPhone device to the music source. You need to tap the Tag Now tab and the app will display ‘listening’ to the song. You can get the information about the song such as title of the song, the artists and album name, within few seconds. If you want to see the music video of that song, tap the ‘more tag options’ tab. Shazam app for iPhone offers a lot of additional features. You can tag a song and save it in your tags.

Using ‘manage a tag’ option, you can attach a photo, share the tag and more. You can share music tags by tweeting your tags, post track details on Facebook and as a postcard to share your music tastes with your friends. You can also learn more about music by reading album and track reviews, view lyrics, view artist biographies and so on. The app will help you to get music recommendations as you can discover other music similar to your favorite track and enhance your music collection. You can access Shazam music charts and keep up-to-date with music. The Tag History feature helps you to track your music journey.

 Conclusion Shazam app ensures a complete music journey experience at your fingertips. The app is available in premium and limited versions. The limited version of this excellent iPhone music app is available for free. You can download Shazam app from Apple’s App Store.

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