Smart RAM Booster App for Android Review

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Smart RAM Booster app for Android is a ‘smart’ task killer application that would come handy in low end Android devices with limited or low RAM. For high end handsets, Android’s native memory management app works just fine. But owing to various factors, its efficiency in low end models is not the same. This is where Smart RAM Booster extends a helping hand to the user. Smart RAM Booster Android App does not have a price tag in Google Play Store.

How Smart RAM Booster Android App works?

In terms of core functionality, Smart RAM Booster mimics Android’s native memory management application. But instead of leaving the job of killing non-priority apps to Android, Smart RAM Booster hands over this capability to the hands of the user. In other words, users may trigger the app anytime they wish, to terminate those apps they think are not important at that moment.

Smart RAM Booster app for Android works in four modes

  1. Aggressive: The app kills most of the low priority apps.
  2. Strong: Kills apps that is low priority as well as consume lightly below an “average”.
  3. Medium: Kills apps that consume memory above an “average”.
  4. Gentle: Kill only those apps that consume considerable memory.

Smart RAM Booster App for Android

When you install the app, it will run in ‘Strong’ mode by default. You can change it anytime as required. Smart RAM Booster may be activated from within the app, from the home-screen widget that you can place on the desktop, the ‘floating widget’, which is a small widget that stays on top of all running apps, or by having the Smart RAM Booster on the drop-down menu and initializing it from there.

Further, in Android Smart RAM Booster application, you can have a ‘white list’ of apps that you never want to be killed. Also, you can schedule Smart RAM Booster to run at specific intervals, or to have it run based on free RAM levels. Smart RAM Booster is compatible with Android versions 2.1 (Éclair) and upwards.


Smart RAM Booster app for Android gives users more control over your smart phone’s memory management. Depending upon your device’s RAM capabilities, you can set the app to selectively kill low priority apps based on different criteria. The option to ‘white list’ apps that you don’t want to be terminated by Smart RAM Booster ever, and auto-scheduler comes across as a handy proposition. Multiple widgets/points of access to Smart RAM Booster app add to its user friendliness. Overall, a must have memory management app for Android.

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