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| November 6, 2010

Modulo Pro App for iPhone

Puzzle games have become very popular on the iPhone these days, but as always you should be careful when wading into the mix. Games like Modulo Pro iPhone app can become very addictive which illustrates just how good they are as puzzles to be solved. A simple premise Like all of the good puzzle and arcade games out there for the iPhone, the premise of Modulo Pro app for iPhone is very simple. All you have to do in order to beat a level is actually rotate all of the pieces so that they are facing in the same direction. You can rotate a piece by selecting it, so it is an easy control system to go along with the simple premise that this game comes with.

A complication Although the premise of Modulo Pro iPhone game app is simple, it would be a mistake to take that to mean that the entire game is simple. The fact of the matter is that the game is complicated because puzzle pieces can be attached to other puzzle pieces. That means that when you spin a piece, it spins all of the pieces that are connected to it and that means that while you can get one piece to the right position, you might end up pushing others out of that position in the process. Different difficulty levels to accommodate all players Although there are nearly 200 different puzzles available for people to choose from when playing Modulo Pro iPhone app, the fact is that these puzzles occupy a wide variety of difficulty levels starting from very easy puzzles and going all the way to highly complicated puzzles that may take a very long time to solve. Although puzzles are not locked so that you can go for the hardest right from the start, it might be a good idea to start easier and work your way up to the harder puzzles.

 Final Score Modulo Pro app for iPhone is a great game that will test your analytical ability while at the same time killing time. That means that it is essentially the perfect iPhone game as most of those games are played to kill time while on a break, waiting for a bus or journeying to work/school on public transit. Our final score for Modulo Pro iPhone app is a resolute 10 out of 10.

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