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| January 18, 2011


Soon the days of lugging around your bulky TI-83 might be past you!  If you are in college and have classes that require a scientific calculator then you are in luck, and can save around $100 or more by downloading the TI-83 app by Doug Melton.  This app is an emulator for the TI-83 and works as a general calculator but also has the same powerful stat and trig functions of its name sake.  It even allows you to write progs in TI BASIC.  So, the graph functions are in there too which allows for plot and analysis which is mandatory in college sci and math classes.



  • Emulates the TI-83
  • The same great functions as the TI-83
  • Reduces the need to carry around a giant calculator that uses 1960’s technology
  • Trigonometry, Graph and Compare, Plot and Analysis


The latest version of this app works on Android 2.2 and higher.  You can save $100 by downloading this free app.  If you are a little uncomfortable with the accuracy of the calc emulator, check your figures on a few problems and see if it is always 100%.  There have been some that mentioned that the graphs are a bit off, however test it for yourself.  This is a fantastic new app that should see a lot of downloads.

Props to the Developer

Doug Melton works as a Manager of Mobile Products at Phone.com.  His actual title has been shortened for the sake of brevity.  He is the author of Quad83 as well as ZCasino and with this fantastic new app he may have just landed on a need that has been around for years and never addressed in such a functional way.  Mr. Melton’s site can be found at supware.net although it hasn’t been updated since Jul, let’s cut him some slack, he’s been working on releasing this great money saving app for a really big target market; poor college students.

More Apps from this Developer

If the TI-83 isn’t your style or doesn’t fit your needs, then you may be excited to know that Mr. Melton also developed the TI-85 and Ti-86.  All of these work with your Android and are free to download.  Hopefully the TI-89 will be in the works, but in the meantime, it might be a good idea to go ahead and grab these apps while they are out here.  TI used to be a very litigious company so it might be possible that they might hit up Mr. Melton with a cease and desist order for these “AlmostReal” T-Emulators.

Doug Melton’s website also offers a few more Android apps that you might be interested in checking out.  Doug develops as a hobby so donations on his website are accepted.  He gives access to beta releases of his apps for donors, so that’s a really great incentive for being generous.

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