Toggl Time Tracker Android App Review

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Toggl Time Tracker 3 for Android is an online time tracking tool that helps you keep track of your time. This simple app is for people who would like to see how each minute is spent and on which project. The timer works in the background while the details are visible on the home screen. So, you can quickly see how much time you have been spending on each task. This helps you make informed decision as you plan each and every task to achieve your goals.

Time track, schedule and organize your life

Toggl Time Tracker 3 for Android is one of the best time tracker apps that is easy to use. Use this to log time and hours spent on each task and you can get reports based on the time usage. The data is synced across web version and desktop version and you can view your timesheet anywhere, anytime. Even it works very well on an Apple Watch and data is stored safely and securely under one account. Toggl helps you know the worth of time. You break down projects, clients and tasks into miniscule of tasks and see what is taking more time or which task is lagging and see what is actually bring you the money. It works effortlessly as it doesn’t take too much if your time. What you need to do is just start a timer for a task and never forget to turn it off when you have completed it.

Toggl Time Tracker Android App Review

Toggl Time Tracker app also accurately detects idle time so you could maintain the same records across that tallies. It gives access to all its app irrespective of the OS or browser used and also includes all core functionalities.


Toggl Time Tracker 3 for Android is a more convenient solution if you are looking mainly for the timer feature in your time tracking app. Time tracking is very important for small businesses as well as large conglomerates as that is how they can determine the value of product or resources. It is free to download with no ads or in-app purchases.

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