Vanido: Learn to Sing iPhone App Review

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Singing is not everyone cup of tea. But like anything else, practice pays-off to garner the skills of singing in a gradual manner. However, traditional vocal coaches are an expensive instrument and managing time schedule in today’s life is not an easy task. Interpreting this stated need, Himanshu Singh has developed Vanido: Learn to Sing for iPhone, an educational application that delivers daily singing sessions to train your voice and ear. With an impressive rating of 4+ and more than 1000 constructive feedbacks on App Store, it has fetched numerous accolades from industry experts such as Lifehacker, The Verge and Mashable. Vanido: Learn to Sing is a free app.

Personalized training with Simple UI

The interface of Vanido iPhone app is idiosyncratic and super slick. Once after successful installation, the launch of the app begins a standard procedure of allowing it to access the music gallery. It acts as a “personal singing coach” by offering personalized daily exercises to improve both your voice and your ability to recognize notes. It is underpinned by real-time visual pitch detection – detecting what note a user is singing and showing the results visually as singing goes through. Each day Vanido app provides a set of three exercises to try, broken up by four categories: agility, foundation, chest voice, and head voice. Vanido looks to gamify the daily practice by grading one’s performance on a three-star scale, and awarding experience and level ups. It is only available in English and being a free application marketing advertisement sometimes becomes an annoying factor. Vanido app requires iOS 10.1 or later. It is compatible with all versions of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Practice real songs with goal based exercise

Vanido: Learn to Sing for iPhone provides training on real songs by allowing users to choose a genre and favorite song with analysis based on the skills as foundational singing and flexibility. It provides an impeccable feature of listening to past practiced recordings to gain an insight on the mistakes and improve on the same. It fared well when it came to recognizing notes, seamlessly with the iPhone’s built-in microphone or with a pair of headphones with a mic.

It also has collaboration with Spotify, which can be disconnected from the settings. With new version on the table in a few weeks, Apple Music support is also on the verge to be available soon. Secure a free copy if Vanido from iTunes App Store to practice singing on real songs with feedbacks as practice can only help to improve skills in this domain.

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