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Walli for Android is a personalization app that brings to you the best wallpapers and backgrounds of high definition quality. On an average, each of us check our mobiles at least hundred time a day and the first thing you get to see is the wallpaper. If you have wallpapers that express your unique personality it influences our mind and emotional well being. Walli has creative wallpapers designed by artists ready to be downloaded into your mobile phones.

Get Creative Wallpapers Daily

Walli – 4K, HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds for Android helps you find inspiring wall paper that makes you bounce back with energy. It has high quality unique collection of wallpapers. You would feel that your phone had never been so good looking. You will not find the usual pictures of landscape, animals, flowers and personalities. Instead it is an amalgamation of creative wallpapers from a community of top artists. You will find wallpapers in three different sections, Featured, Popular, Recent. The wallpapers recommended by most users will be in the featured section. The popular section will have the most popular wallpapers from different categories. The Recent section will have the newest wallpaper updated so far.

To set wallpaper on to your phone background, just select the wallpaper and tap the set as wallpaper option. The wallpapers are organized into various categories depending on the theme and choices. You have specifically designed wallpapers for boys, girls and kids. The app also has these wallpapers in varying sizes and you can select them based on the resolution that best suits your device. Each wallpaper is linked to its artist and through which you can learn more about their work, profile and the direct links to their websites. The app is free to download with in-app purchases and ads.


Walli – 4K, HD Backgrounds for Android, with its community of artists from around the world where each come with their own distinct style curated by an expert Walli team. Easily discover the artwork you need and follow the artists of great talents. You will get notified of the updates posted by these artists. Choose your wallpaper from these and change it directly from the app itself.

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