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Webnovel Android App is most suitable for those who love reading. There are various novels under different genres. The app provides an easy sign up to be a member. Sign in and go through its wonderful collection of novels. It is quite easy and the app gives you a smooth experience. It suits people of all ages and is ardently followed by novel fans all over the world. Novels are selected carefully. They have bestsellers, thrillers, romance and other fictions. Regional language books are well translated and presented in the app.

A great way of entertainment for an avid reader

Webnovel app for android is simple and user friendly such that is so easy to familiarize yourself with the app. The books fall under various categories. There are light novels, illustration, animation adaptations, fantasy, sci-fi, and so on. As soon as you login you get a free spirit stone. You can collect such spirit stones to unlock premium novels. You will find novel with just a few chapters made available, rest of the chapters need to be unlocked using spirit stones.

The webnoval app for android is updated with new novels daily. You can view your account from the app or using the web version. It syncs well across all devices. Novels you read are saved in the library and you can find it easily without searching.


Webnovel android app is a blessing in disguise for those who love to read. If you have the penchant to read across all genres, then surely use this app. You will be entertained throughout anywhere and anytime. Though it gives you various ways by which you can collect spirit stones, the app is pretty slow in letting you get there. But, they do have plenty of novels that are not locked.It is so much fun to find that you have all of these in your palms within the reach of your smartphone. The app is free to download and use. There are in app purchases to purchase spirit stones to unlock premium novels. They do have ads.

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