WellPaper Digital Wellbeing Andorid App Review

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Wellpaper – Digital Wellbeing Live Wallpaper for Android makes you aware of how long you have been using the smartphone. It is a well being tool that takes into consideration that the use of smartphones are on the rise. It makes use of technology to help people be more aware of their digital life. The app presents live data on how long you have been using the phone and allows you to better understand and visualize all the day to day activities with your phone and your screen time. The app does all this using a live wallpaper which can be personalized and is highly battery efficient.

Know What You Are Up To With Your Smartphones

WellPaper is a simple and beautiful way to stay aware of your digital habits. The app offers 3 designs to opt as wall paper. The designs include minimalistic radial and data heavy composite designs. It has wide range of tiles that scale based on the apps and features you use. It provides a pleasing and unobtrusive way to be aware of your digital habits. The app analysis all the app present in the smartphone and segregates them into six different categories. This will help you understand how you use your phone. The categories are Social, Tools, Lifestyle and Communication, Gaming, Entertainment, Business and Information. The app calculates all information locally and does not pull out your data externally. It does not even require internet connection to know the categories of each app.

WellPaper Digital Wellbeing Andorid App Review


Wellpaper – Digital Wellbeing Live Wallpaper Android app is the best option when you want to manage your screen time efficiently. The app recognizes almost all the apps as you can categorize and classify the apps yourself. It is developed by OneLab, a part of OnePlus, who are a team of creative UX/UI developers and designers from around the world. The dynamic wallpapers don’t operate live in the background but instead updates when you unlock so you can see the latest data whenever you unlock the phone. The app is free for download and use.

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