Your Phone Companion Android App Review

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Your Phone Companion Android App provides access to your smartphone through your personal computer. This comes really handy during tricky times when you really need a file from your phone. The advantage is that you don’t need the Bluetooth or USB connection. You get instant access even otherwise with this app. You need to install Your Phone Companion app on the smartphone and Your Phone app on the Windows 10 PC and link them both to have easy access to everything you have on the phone. This includes, photos, notifications, texts and more.

Connect Phone And PC With The Best Companion

Your Phone Companion for Android is a simple, intuitive app that makes accessing smartphones easy. The app lets you manage all the notifications from the PC. You can access all the mobile apps on your personal computer. Transfer files between the device and add a recent image, presentation or document to the email from your phone. You just have to drag and drop files from the app to the personal computer.

Your Phone Companion Android App lets you read and also reply to text messages. You can discover new apps that allows you to seamlessly work between phones and PCs. The app requires Windows 10 PC running in your computer. The android phone must be turned on and should be connected to the Wi-Fi. All the features are available for smartphones with Android 7 and more.


Your Phone Companion for Android is an app from Microsoft Corporation that effectively connects android device to Windows 10 PC. The latest updates lets you receive and make phone calls from PC. You can use the larger and richer experience of your personal computer. The app makes use of the speakers, larger monitor and the microphone to effortlessly make calls. You can view over 2000 recently taken photos directly from your phone camera on your personal computer. You can send feedback to the developers from both the apps. The app is free for download and use. There no are ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

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