8Bit Photo Lab: Retro Effects Android App Review

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8Bit Photo Lab for Android is a photo editing app with retro filters and conversions based on 8 bit pixel art. You can convert any picture on your phone or taken directly from your phone. It is a simple app with easy to use features that produces good looking and effective pictures. The idea of giving old school graphics is tricky where the pictures need to be rendered in low contrast that’s a bit murky.

Select a pic, click a filter and zoom your retro look is ready

8Bit Photo Lab: Retro Effects for Android uses three main parameters into consideration to get the right result. They are resolution, palettes and dithering. It devices a method of storing image information so that each pixel is represented by one 8 bit. 8 bit graphics come with simple color composition and with your creativity you can churn out stunning images. As you open the app, you will be taken to the home screen with two icons, the folder icon, and the camera icon. The folder icon will take you to the images stored on the device and the camera icon will open the camera to take a new image.

The image you have selected is placed right in the center of the screen. You will find two set of icons on the top and bottom of the main page. The icons on top of are mainly for operations with the app to open, create, save and share images. The icons in the bottom are the filters you can apply to the images. There are about 15 main styles to choose and each style has a couple of more styles that can be combined.


8Bit Photo Lab: Retro Effects Android app is a pretty straightforward application to use though it requires considering a number of parameters to consider that are key to optimizing it to 8 bit image. Every pixel needs to be dealt with while converting it to low resolution image. You sift through various predefined filters, try mix and match of different colors and other settings and get the result almost immediately. The app is free to download with in-app purchases.

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