ABODO Apartment Search App for iPhone Review

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ABODO website has long been the one-stop solution to apartment accommodation hunt in many parts of the US. Now ABODO has come to iOS as well. Like its parent website, ABODO Apartment Search app for iPhone provides access to detailed, localized searches based on user-determined criteria. You can get the app for free.


ABODO Apartment Search app for iPhone would come handy if you’re a student or someone who holds a non-permanent job. It takes the original idea of the hugely popular ABODO website and puts it at your fingertips. ABODO for iPhone is for US people. So if you’re a non-American, this app is not for you, at least at the moment. The UI of ABODO is well designed. It is pretty simple and straightforward a concept as well. Once you fire it up and give it the permission to access your location, the map is displayed with all the available rental listings in your area. By default, the app lists the apartments near you at first. But you can customize the search results using multiple filter options to obtain results that suit you requirements.

ABODO Apartment Search App for iPhone

The filters of ABODO iPhone app cover all criteria that an apartment seeker might need. By employing the filters judiciously, you can arrive at optimal search results for your area. Clicking the red markers on the map brings about a small preview of the listing. This includes a photo of the property, price range and no of bedrooms. You can view the full listing by selecting it. If you’re not comfortable with map view, you can opt for the traditional list view of search results with a preview image. The listings are concise, neatly laid out, and features multiple sub-listings if required. You’ll also find an option to email or call the landlord directly without having to search for contact details. If there is one annoyance to note, the app interface occasionally refreshes itself while you’re busy scrolling through the listings. ABODO app is compatible with iOS versions 7.0 or later.


ABODO Apartment Search app for iPhone comes across as a useful tool to aid apartment search in the US. It is easy to use, sports a clean interface and is pretty responsive and stable. The search listings are displayed in a concise and easy to read manner. The ability to email/call landlords without having to search for their contacts is a handy feature. To sum it up, a utility that makes apartment hunt efforts a lot less agonizing. Check it out.

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