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Is it possible to capture the essence of happiness?? Always BHappy app for iPhone attempts to do that. It is a self-help oriented lifestyle app that helps to make you confident, more enthusiastic and build a positive outlook, and thereby make you happier day in and day out. You can get Always BHappy app for free from iTunes App Store.


The first thing you’ll note about Always BHappy for iPhone is its beautiful design. You can’t blame someone for mistakenly taking it for a default app. The UI is uncluttered and is devoid of all bells and whistles. However, there are certain areas such as guidance wherein the minimalistic approach has gone a bit too far. Regarding the working of the app and options and parameters, you got to figure out things by yourself. The core of Always BHappy for iPhone is a list of proposals, one a day, aimed at improving your mood in some thoughtful ways. Some proposals might seem a bit obscure. It could be the interpretive inconsistencies from the part of Spanish developers. But most of the proposals are straight to the point. For example, when you’re instructed ‘Take a walk through your neighborhood and watch everyone’, it might sound odd.

Always BHappy App for iPhone

But you’re expected to follow that and in the process, you might learn to see things around you differently. However, ambiguous instructions like ‘give yourself into your desire’ requires some introspection before you decide how to go about with it. You’re challenged to complete the proposals and sign them off to your ‘done’ panel. Doing so unlocks Badges on your profile. Always BHappy for iPhone is free. But if you want to customize your happy prompts to suit your lifestyle, you might have to purchase certain Happy packs for a price. The app also comes with certain social sharing aspects, alongside an option to email proposals to your friends. In terms of performance, Always BHappy is stable and responsive.


How far Always BHappy app for iPhone will be effective depends entirely on how you follow the proposals. If you choose to follow certain proposals while skipping the ones you don’t like, you might not get what the app promises. Hence it is advisable to approach it with an open mind and you might be able to notice a change in you over time. Of course, the results are not absolute in any frame of reference. But if you want to explore the secrets of self happiness, this app could give you some answers at least. Check it out.

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