AtHome Camera Video Surveillance Android App Review

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AtHome Camera – Home Security Video Surveillance for Android lets you keep your home safe when you are not around. It is one of the world’s best trusted home security and video surveillance app. AtHome Camera is compatible with almost all devices available in the market and can transform these devices into video monitoring system. It can be customized to act as baby monitor, nanny cameras, pet camera, elderly monitor and so on. AtHome Camera app also supports several other functions like alarm recording, schedule recording, remote capture, email and push notifications.

Stay safe, secure your loved ones

There are three steps to setup AtHome Camera – Home Security Video Surveillance for Android. You need to prepare two devices before you get started, mostly, a smartphone and a computer. Download the AtHome video streamer app and install it on to your computer. A unique connection ID will be assigned to the computer when you launch the app for the first time. Download and install AtHome Camera app onto your smartphone which you want to use as a viewer. Launch the app, sign up and login. You need to select Add by CID or By QR Code to add your computer as the streaming device. With a 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network, the app provides real-time remote monitoring where you can watch live streaming of all the activities whenever or where ever you are.

You can ensure your home is safe and secure right from your mobile device. With advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning technology, the app does not invoke false alarms due to shadows or alarms. Face recognition technology will help to identify an intruder from a family member. AtHome Camera Android app allows you to watch up to four cameras from multiple streamers in one screen simultaneously. Using the built in Mic and speaker, communicate with people and pets. Turn on the Night Vision mode, you will get a much clear and enhanced video image in a lower lighting condition.


AtHome Camera – Video Surveillance for Android lets you enjoy live streaming of the views where you have set your camera. It is a great way to monitor your day to day activities at home while you are not around. It is a complete video surveillance app capable to serve all your home monitoring needs. The app is free to download with a few in-app purchases.

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