Atom – Movie Tickets and Showtimes iPhone App Review

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Atom – Movie Tickets and Showtimes app for iPhone eliminates the hassle of going to movies. From finding the right movie and buying tickets to pre-ordering concessions, you can do everything from your iPhone in seconds. Atom Movie Tickets app may be downloaded free of cost from iTunes App Store.


Atom – Movie Tickets and Showtimes iPhone app eliminates the need to stand in lines for tickets. It simplifies everything from finding the movie you want to see, to coordinating with friends, to buying concessions. The app let you quickly find the perfect movie, and pre-order tickets in few clicks. It also let you select theaters let you pre-order snacks and skip the concessions line. Atom for iPhone is digital that you don’t need any cash to book tickets. You can use a credit card, Apple Pay or PayPal to make the payments. After all, what is the fun in watching a movie alone? Atom app for iPhone makes it easy to rally a group of friends to decide on a movie and buy tickets separately with just a few clicks. It eliminates group texts and saves you tons of time. Also, since you pay separately, it eliminates the need for split accounting without losing the pleasure of going together for the movie. It is also easy to sync the loyalty accounts: get credit for your Atom purchases by connecting your membership accounts from your favorite theatres.

So, which all theatres support Atom app for iPhone at the moment? As of today, Atom Movie Tickets is now available at all AMC, Regal, Edwards, United Artists, Studio Movie Grill Arclight, Megaplex, Silverspot and Landmark Canada locations. More theatres are added to the list. The UI of Atom for iPhone is well designed and easy to use. Finding a movie or booking a ticket is a cake walk. The payments are secure enough. Atom app requires iOS versions 9.3 or higher.


Atom – Movie Tickets and Showtimes for iPhone is for the movie goer of the twenty first century. The app simplifies the entire task of finding the right movie, buying tickets or pre-ordering concessions. Theaters that offer concessions pre-ordering are labeled more clearly. Directions to the preferred theatre on the Apple Map is a nice touch. The app is reasonably secure. The UI is largely user friendly. Overall, a nice movie ticketing app that makes movie going with your friends a hassle free experience.

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