Audubon Bird Guide iPhone App Review

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Audubon Bird Guide iPhone App is developed for bird watchers and ornithologists which contains field literature of more than 800 bird species of North America. It helps to understand about different bird species and we can also keep a record of the birds that we have seen. This app helps us to distinguish between different birds and also we can find its name by providing its features such as color, size, shape of tail etc. The Audubon app is free to download and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

Explore the Birds

Audubon Bird Guide for iPhone is really an advantage for all bird lovers with having better interface which shares all the necessary details of the bird. We can easily identify or search for a bird species in the app using different filters such as size, color, bird type, voice, shape of wing, habitat etc. thereby produces possible matches regarding our specified features. The app holds more than 3000 photos, more than eight hours of their audio clips of songs and calls, multiple season range maps of the birds in North America. It also has an in-depth text regarding each bird from the famous North American bird expert Kenn Kaufman. The sighting feature enables the users to add their photos of birds and helps them to keep a record of their bird findings.

The Audubon Bird Guide iPhone App displays the photos of the birds along with their name, family which it belongs to, scientific name etc. It also describes nearby bird hotspots which have chances of high probability of bird finding and aims for the conservation of bird species. Right from the app we can make protest against bird hunting and habitat loss.

Conservation of Birds

The developers behind Audubon Bird Guide iPhone App is National Audubon Society works for the conservation of bird species and this app is an initiative to make local people aware about the importance of birds in the ecosystem. The app is supported in all iOS devices having iOS version 9.0 or later and it is a great guidance app for all nature lovers and ornithologists. Overall this application is a great platform to share, understand about the birds we have met and it also shares a message to the world about how important birds are to the environment.

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