Blur Image Background Android App Review

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Blur Image Background Android App lets you just blur the background of an image. This is such a unique app that has one specific purpose. There are times you just want to add effects to the background. Using Blur Image Background app, it is quite easily accomplished. The app gives you a lot of option to add blur effect to the image. It is now easy to blur unwanted portion. It is an ideal photo editor for people who just want to work on the background of the image. Make use of it and feel the difference.

A photo editing app with a difference

Blur Image Background Android App is a beautiful app with easy to use controls and options. Puck an image to be edited and add the effects. Adjust the setting get the exact blurriness you had in mind. Zoom in and out of the image to add the effect on a particular spot. Several adjustments are available to edit the blur. Adjust the blur intensity to increase the effect of the blur. Increase or decrease the brush size to vary the area of blur to be applied.

Undo and redo option are available to revert the effects. Reset option will change the settings to standard sizes. If you are bit more creative and technically sound you can play with the different effects and settings to create a more artistic output. The Blur Image app is great choice when you want to remove or hide a certain portion in the background.


Blur Image Background App for Android is a fun and creative app that lets you come up with artistic backgrounds. The app has various filters and effects just to create the blurry effect. You can download the image or take it from the gallery or take a picture directly from the camera. The edited images can be shared to the world through social media. The app is free to download and use.It contains ads. All features are present in the free version. There are no further in app purchases available in the app.

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