Brave Hand iPhone Game App Review

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Brave Hand for iPhone is a single player card game that is about trying your luck and seeing how far you can go. As you play, you begin to unravel clues to its origin, strategy, and hidden powers. You can download Brave Hand app for free of cost from iTunes App Store.

Game Features

You’ve landed on a mysterious Island and unearthed a long forgotten card game. As you start playing the game, you begin to unravel clues to its origin, secret powers and strategy to adopt. Now it is up to push on and discover all the secrets. Brave Hand for iPhone is about pushing your luck. It combines the simplicity of classic card games like War, and the strategy of collectible card games. As you play, you unlock the story of the Wanderer and the Guardian, depicted across 16 gorgeous hand-painted themes. In the game, you got to clear the piles by choosing a card in your hand that will have greater value than the cards in the pile. If you do, then you can cash in for the worth or keep pushing further in the pile. But you will risk losing all the points from previous cards. It is high risk, but high reward move. If you have a high value card, you can earn more points if you keep pushing a stack. But you got to be on your guard as you can be undone with an Ace or Demon card.

Brave Hand iPhone Game App Review

The visual style is impressive. The hand-drawn artwork on each card back is beautiful. Such drawings also represent “story pages” in the game, which are clues to the origin of the card game, and they also reveal strategy and hidden powers. The scenes are depicted in incredible amount of detail. There is a nice texture to the cards. Animations are slick and smooth. The game requires iOS 7.0+.

Final Take

Brave Hand for iPhone is inspired by the desire for a more strategic and exciting single player card game. The game takes the play style of solitaire, and enhances it with more competition, tension, and strategic decision making. Moreover, it is fun to play. The graphics is impressive. Support for foreign languages help non-English natives. It is also stable. Overall, an endlessly fun game that will keep you guessing for years to come.

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