Brave Private Browser Android App Review

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Brave Private Browser Android App is a secure web browser that helps you browse fast and safe. It keeps your private details completely private. The browser does all things necessary to reduce your footprint on the internet. The browser also makes sure that you pay for the content you read.

Browse safely and securely with all your privacy intact

Brave Private Browser Android App is for those who aspire to have utmost privacy while working online. It is easy to use and is available for all operating systems. The app lets you easily control how you want the web browser to be. You can block or unblock ads. It gives you a chance to get paid for the content you post. The app has a concept of Basic Attention Token or BAT that uses Ethereum block chain as a virtual currency. The users can accumulate BAT and use it for any purchases like gift cards and other services.

The Brave Private Browser App for Android can block third party cookies that track your online presence and computer settings. The social media blocking helps control embedded posts of Twitter, Facebook and Google. The Brave rewards help compensate for the strict ad blocks. It us a form of cryptocurrency that you can pay to the websites you visit. It is a feature that helps you earn tokens by watching brave sponsored ads. The syncing tools manages your bookmarks and favorite across all devices you use. You can use Brave browser across all devices without any compatibility issues.


Brave Private Browser Android App is developed for privacy that avoids ads and SK pays its users with virtual cryptocurrency. The browser, developed by Brendan Eich is quite fast. It blocks everything that exposes your presence online and the third party cookies help track all your activities. Though the browser blocks ad, the users can still opt for it from the settings. But this may end your privacy as the ads can track your online activities. The app is available for free to download and use. There are ads placed by the developers.There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

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