Cardboard Camera Android App Review

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Virtual Reality gives an immersive 3D viewing experience. Nowadays, you have VR photos which help you to take more from the moment. Now, to view such photos you can use Cardboard Camera for Android. This one app would help you to get more from your VR photos. Let us take a closer look at the app and see how it helps you.

See More from Your VR Photos

VR photos give more depth to your moments. Cardboard Camera for Android, gives you ample opportunities to explore the beauty of your VR photos. You just need to start the app and then breathe a new life into your images. Closer things would look really close and faraway things would look far away. You just need to insert your phone into your cardboard viewer and that’s it. No matter what might images might be, this app would make them truly come alive.

App Highlights

Immersive VR photo viewing experience
Google Cardboard support
Developed by Google

Cardboard Camera Android App Review


There are a lot of pictures that you wish had more depth to them. Cardboard Camera for Android does just that. So, install the app and breathe a new life to your images.

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