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Cash House Android App is a loan app based at India. The app provides a financial platform to provide users with credit. It is a convenient lending service that allows easy access to loan. In a traditional banking scenario, getting a loan takes so many processes. The bank requires you to submit many documents, including income statement. They take a few days to check the background and approve or disapprove loan based on the final decision of the authorities. It involves a bit of hassle with so many round trips to the bank.

Get Access to Credit in a Easy and Quick Way

Cash House Android App provides the easiest way to access loans. You need to be twenty one years and above. Loans can be accessed from up to Rs 8000 with an annual interest rate of 35% and the lowest interest rate being 20%. The service charge is about 5 to 10%. The user needs to just fill in the adhaar and PAN card details and submit the documentation. The loan will be instantly provided after verification and approval. All transactions are completely online.

The loan approval rate is high and fast and user data is secure. You don’t have to stand in long queues or go through tedious bank processes. You just need to sign up with and access loans and credits anytime anywhere in a fast, reliable and convenient way.


Cash House Android App is a hassle free loan app which has high degree of confidentiality and security. The app does not require you to take a credit card for availing a loan. You can take additional loans with the documentation submitted for the initial transaction. The loan amount is deposited directly into your account. The app is committed to give users a convenient way to access loans. When you are in dire need of cash and require personal loan, Cash Cow is the best option. The app is free to download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in app purchases available in the app.

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  1. rajendra says:

    @ cash house Hey there, I just did drop an email to your support stating to refund my money back. As I said the app takes a fee of 299 once the payment is done it takes to the second page where you will find your loan eligible criteria and further when you try to install the loan apps none of them work. I tried installing three applications were I completely lost hope.. I request you to refund my money back through UPI. This is a cheat

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