Censorgram Android App Review

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Censorgram for Android let you censor comments received on Instagram. It is a great tool for parents to ensure that their children do not encounter any form of cyberbullying while using the popular SNS. You can download Censorgram Android app for free from Google Play Store.


Instragram is certainly a wonderful platform for sharing your photos. But like other social networking sites, the community is littered with some offensive and negative people who tend to leave nasty comments on your photos. But with Censorgram app for Android at your disposal, now you have better control over what comments you see. More specifically, it automates the task of filtering photo comments with ease. Of course, on your part, you got to connect your Instagram account with the app and give it permission to access your account information. Once done that, you’ll be presented with the menu screen of Censorgram for Android. From here, you can perform actions such as scans, set up parameters as well as adjust other settings. The app let you delete/block comments or even users, which is a wonderful way to control what your child might get to see or interact in his/her Instagram account. We’d liked that fact that you can still search for specific words, photos, hashtags, and even users, just in case the scan happens to miss something.

Censorgram Android App

Even though it is a censor app, it misses out on a pre-populated list of vulgar words and phrases for users to automatically censor. Now, you got to manually enter each word/phrase that you think is possibly vulgar for the app to censor it. Parents have the option to lock the app with a passcode so that their kids won’t be able to see the list of vulgar words or be able to shut down the app altogether. Last but not the least, Censorgram app also provides an option to perform scheduled scans and send notifications when it detects something that’s censored. But this is a paid upgrade ($0.99).


Censorgram for Android is a censorship app designed for Instagram users who are fed up with cyber bullying and require a robust method of comment control. You can set pre programmed intervals to automatically scan and delete comments and optionally ban the user associated with those comments. Comments are deleted by Keyword, Hashtags, and User ID’s inputed by the owner of the Instagram account. One downside is that you got to add vulgar words/phrases to the ban list manually. Overall, a perfect app designed for personal users, teens, and corporations who wants to maintain a clean, vulgar-free Instagram account.

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