Chrooma RGB & Emoji Themes Android Review

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Chrooma RGB & Emoji Themes Android App is an attractive keyboard app for android. Keyboards may be the most frequently used functionality in any smart device. It is one of the important feature that can be used alone with touch controls. The accuracy and speed with which you communicate with the device and across social media depends on the efficiency of the keyboard. It is vital that a keyboard has an accurate privacy and security policy as it has access to anything we type including passwords.

A Keyboard that can help you do your work effectively

Chrooma RGB & Emoji Themes Android App Keyboard Themes has everything covered. It is smart with cool features. It has high level of personalization and lets you customize to suit your style. An efficient keyboard app will make things easy. Chrooma App for Android is a beautiful keyboard app that has many cool features which makes it easy to type. The gesture typing works effectively in Chrooma. One can fast delete a word, multiple words, and selected text with a single tap and swipe. You can move the cursor around and supports one handed mode.

The Chrooma RGB & Emoji Themes Android App Keyboard Themes Android App lets access Google Now with a tap. The keyboard searches on the go using gestures and Google Now. Type a word and swipe the spacebar to open the Google page with the results. Predictions are so accurate. It pops up right word just as you type. The voice typing feature let’s you speak to type the words. Gifs and Emojis are available. Themes can be used to personalize the looks.


Chrooma RGB & Emoji Themes Android App Keyboard Themes Android App helps you to smoothly transfer all your thoughts into workable action in the form of writing. There are so many features that makes typing a breeze. Gesture typing, instant search and predictions are few of the features that make Chrooma one of the best keyboard apps. The night mode in the keyboard helps you work in low light without affecting your eyes. It automatically senses low light using the proximity sensor of the phone and switches back to normal during daylight. The app is available for free to download. There are ads placed by the developers.There are in-app purchases available in the app to purchase additional features.

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