City Car Driving Android App Review

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City Car Driving Android App is a realistic city car driving simulator. The app will help you master driving skills. It brings to life a real scenario of city roads and traffic. It is not everybody’s cup of tea to drive on a busy road. There are several factors like speed control, direction and more that requires proper practice before you can hit the road. The app lets you be the best of driver. You just need drive the car in the app. It is not a racing game with challenges and objectives.

Learn to drive the most simplest way

City Car Driving Android App is one of the simplest car driving simulator that can teach all everything about driving on a busy road.The app requires you to tilt, steer or use the arrow keys to control the car. It has several modes to choose. Play the career, checkpoint, free or drift mode. Get more cars as you earn more points. Each car can be personalized.

It is easy to play and drive the car. There are yellow lines on the road you need to follow and drive. Follow all the traffic rules to get more points. Like use the indicator whenever there is a directional arrow. Stop during a red signal in the traffic. The green areas indicate empty parking lot. You need to park only in the green area. You need to collect all the checkpoints in the given time. There are 11 cars with 8 different colors.


City Car Driving App for Android are for those who love driving. The app is pure driving.Master the driving skill and be the best driver on the road. Learn how to tackle heavy traffic, busy roads. Learn how to find a parking slot to park the car.Also, what can be done when your car collides with another vehicle. It is easy to follow and learn. Everything you need to know about driving is incorporated in the app. The app is free to download and use. The app contains no ads. There are in app purchases available in the app to purchase additional features.

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