Coin by Zerodha Android App Review

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Coin by Zerodha for Android is an investment app that lets its users to directly invest in mutual funds. Developed by Zerodha, a leading discount broker, the app aims at removing middlemen or brokers who will take away commission for the services offered. Coin offers commission free investment up to certain level in over 3000 direct mutual funds across 34 fund houses. The app negates all the drawbacks of investing through a mutual fund distributor and investing directly from a mutual fund houses.

Invest directly hassle free, peacefully in mutual funds

Coin by Zerodha for Android is quite flexible where in it lets you create, modify and pause systematic investment plans anytime. Just like stocks, you can redeem or purchase mutual funds based on NAV. Invest in ELSS funds and save taxes under section 80c. You need to create a zerodha account with your adhaar to get access to whole new cutting edge financial platforms. This is quite easy and can be completed instantly. In one unified portfolio view, you get all your mutual funds, ETFs, stocks and bonds. For people who prefer regular funds, Zerodha has maintained their older platform. Direct mutual funds is available in Demat form within the convenience of one portfolio for equity, MF, ETF and more.

Track NAV similar to stocks. You get to save a lot of money on brokerage and is more advantageous for people with big holdings looking to invest for a long term. Though, you cannot transfer existing SIP to this platform like how you transfer one Demat account to another. Coin also provides you with recommendations of a few high performing mutual funds with all the details.


Coin by Zerodha for Android has an easy charge structure that you can understand. For a total investment value up to 25000 Rs, there is no subscription fee charged. But above Rs 25000 a fee of Rs 50 is charged every month. That is if you are investing 1000 every month, you will not be charged until 25th month, also considering market appreciation. The app requires Android 5.0 and up and is free to download from Google Play Store.

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