Color Ballz iPhone Game App Review

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Color Ballz for iPhone is a perfect time killer game application. It keeps you engaged when you have nothing else to do. The game is a playful take on classic arkanoid mechanics with a funny twist to it. You can download Color Ballz for free from iTunes App Store.


Color Ballz game for iPhone is fun. It is a rather playful take on classic arkanoid mechanics wherein you get a hold of the paddle with easy to learn swipe controls and bounce the balls into the basket. In the game, you maintain a crazy fun ball throwing machine by constantly delivering the balls back into the loop. This function undeniably serves a greater purpose, which of course is super secret. But that is a side story that you might not bother much when you’re having lots of fun playing the game.

Color Ballz iPhone Game App Review

Your aim, as mentioned, is to get the balls into the basket. You got to move the paddle to get the balls to bounce in the direction of the basket. Initially, it’ll be easy. But the rate at which the balls come out of the machine increases your challenge. The more you manage to basket, the more points you earn. On the way, you collect power-ups to upgrade the balls and become the master of the machine. The app also let you save your progress or status so that when you come back, you can start from where you’d left off. You can also control the sound, in case you wish to play in silence. I would have liked if there was an option to change the sensitivity of slider. Otherwise, the game performs well. The UI design is excellent. The colored and white balls looks nice against the black background. It is also slick and responsive. The game requires iOS versions 8.0 or higher.

Final Take

Color Ballz game for iPhone would come handy while you’re waiting in the airport lounge or commuting to/from work daily. The game is fun to play, and requires all your focus to bounce the balls into the basket. The simple UI helps you to keep your focus on the action unfolding on the screen. As you play, you get to collect gems and customize the fun with new balls. The ability to save your progress is a nice touch. The game is also stable. Check it out if you’re looking for a non-brainer game to keep you occupied when you have virtually nothing else to do.

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