Connected – Family Locator – GPS Tracker Android App Review

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Connected for Android is a GPS location tracker app that allows you to locate your family and friends, keep track of their whereabouts in real time to safeguard them, and assist each other in staying safe. Your family members may share their whereabouts with you and those who important to them with this app, making life easier with Connected. Invite your family members to join you in a circle (group) that is exclusively open to you and them. This application can’t be installed covertly on the phone, and it can only be used with your family member’s permission to communicate your whereabouts with them at any time and in real time. Without the user’s approval, the location cannot be shared through the app.

Stay connected with family

When your loved ones want assistance, Connected notifies you immediately. Connected keeps you in touch with individuals in your circle, and you can see each other’s current position on the app’s private map that only you and your circle can view. Request an invite code or link from someone inside the circle you wish to join. The easiest approach is to use an invite link, which requires just that you open the link. If you receive an invite code, start the app, navigate to the main map screen (if not already there), hit the circle switcher at the top, and then tap Join circle. There is presently no restriction to the number of people who can participate in a single circle. You may look at your circle members’ walks, drives, and favorite destinations in the history screen.

Connected Family Locator GPS Tracker Android App

Reach family when in need

Premium circles can save their history for up to 30 days. Go to the history screen and tap on someone in the list to see their history. You may get a summary of the week’s drives in weekly drive reports. The app tell you how far you drove and how many times you drove during the week. With a premium membership, you may access your trip history, as well as the histories of your circle members, for the previous 30 days, as well as all of your circle members’ driving reports. Only one member of a circle can subscribe; once subscribed, the circle becomes premium, with all premium features available to all users inside that circle.

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