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Internet is a treasure trove of information. But it also brings with it security issues that most users are conveniently oblivious about. In a sense, most of us prefer the convenience of speed and ease of access over security precautions. But with CoverMe app for iPhone, you’ll be more in control of the proceedings. You can get CoverMe iPhone app for free from iTunes App Store.

CoverMe App Features

CoverMe app for iPhone the ultimate secure messaging app providing safe and fun sharing of private messages, photos and videos. It also features an impenetrable Vault for protecting your personal contacts, call logs, messages, and sensitive photos and videos from prying eyes. A notable feature of CoverMe iPhone app is how it protects your messages. If you embed a ‘self destruct’ in your messages, they will self destruct after it is read by the recipient. Also, you’ll immediately know when the recipient had read your message. There is also an option to recall and message in case you’ve sent it to the wrong person by accident. It is a great feature since most of us have, at some point in time, sent a personal photo or poorly judged textmessage inadvertently to the wrong person. Now you just need to remotely send out a wipe message or just recall the message.

CoverMe App for iPhone

Further, the iPhone CoverMe Personal Vault is an efficient way to ensure that your personal contacts, messages, call logs, and sensitive photos and videos stay hidden and private. The encrypted vault is invisible and completely impenetrable without the password. Even if your device is lost or left unattended, your private information will be absolutely safe. CoverMe app for iPhone uses encrypted data connection to transmit phone calls, messages, and photos and videos. With military-grade encryption, no one can intercept your calls and messages. CoverMe is compatible with iOS versions 5.0 or higher.


If you wish to lock down your private messages, phone calls and media, try CoverMe app for iPhone. It has enough security features to cover your back against possible privacy risks. Its military grade encryption is unbreakable. The options to remotely wipe a message, or simply recall it in case you’d send it to the wrong person are useful features. Above all, the app, for all its high end features, is free to download and use. There are no annoying ads to put up with either. Verdict: Quite a useful Social Networking app to have, if you care about your mobile privacy/security.

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  1. Christine sajor says:

    I really like it. i have a ptoblem tho, i changed my password but i forgot what i changed it into.Is there any other way I can sign in? Pls help !

  2. gigi says:

    my iphone screen got damaged… similarly how can I gain access to cover me, need a way to get in

  3. Debbie Simmons says:

    Just for everyone that uses this app. I have been harrased and bullied by someone for the past 17 months by someone using this app. After 17 months this person finally messed up, I have found out who it is and now started legal actions against him, I am trying to find someway of getting thru to the COVER ME app. people, no one needs to be able to do this, and if this app. is being used someone should watch or monitor what people are sending. They have sent me and my husband mean and cruel texts for 17 months day and night , week in and week out, and this app. makes it possible for people to stalk and harrass other people without having a way for the victim’s to stop them……………..I hate this app. and Cover Me should be held responsible also for allowing this to happen. It has torn my family apart and caused so much damage, but I hope now I can at least put this man in jail or at least give him a record…………..

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